About Housing Authority, Fiji

Our partner and Main Developer, Housing Authority of Fiji, is a GLC under the Ministry of Housing. Their main objective is providing houses to the people of Fiji. However, since the past 20 years, Housing Authority has been only selling sub lots and giving out loans to successful house applicant. The purpose of Housing Authority is to develop and produce affordable lots and mortgage financing with attractive loan packages on a competitive basis to all customers with special focus on low-income earners.

The Government's social objectives in relation to housing will be carried out by the Authority for the middle to low-income earners as follows:-

  • Priority to be given to customers in the target market and with the Public Rental Board in the allocation of lots.
  • Also, special assistance shall be given to squatters and those not having their needs adequately met in the private sector.
  • Continue to develop innovative ways such as mortgage debt restructuring to assist defaulting customers who face financial hardship to meet current loan repayments and to enable them to retain their homes.